Tea Party Culture War

The 2012 political elections will be important because they will determine whether the United States will become a European-style socialist country or return to our roots, and acknowledge free enterprise is the best path to prosperity. Our country is locked in a culture war of competing ideas and worldviews. On one side, you have people who believe in living by a set of divinely inspired moral absolutes. On the other side, you have people who insist morality is simply a personal decision and society is the arbiter of truth.

The nation is divided approximately 50-50 with two separate voting blocks, with only a small number of swing states in the middle. The Democratic blue areas are contained in the metropolitan areas on the west coast, Great lakes, and the north east. The key Republican red states are primarily located in rural midwestern and southern heartland. Swing states such as Florida, Ohio and Pennyslvania will determine the outcome. The political battle is based upon a cultural war. The cultural war is based upon a spiritual battle over the hearts and souls of men. The Tea Party Culture War describes this battle.